Just when you thought that it was too complicated to properly power up megawatt subwoofers; Massive Audio comes along and releases the DP24K Super Amp!

All Digital, Ultra High-Speed Switching, Crystal Clean Full Range with a TRUE power output of 24,192 Watts RMS @ 1 ohm @ 18V. Current drawn at 1 Ohm impedance is a staggering 1,550 Amps / 14.4 VDC)

This amplifier measures in at only 2.98” x 10.86” x 24.09” and packs twin full time exhaust fans to cool its output. The DP24K can do all this and operate at DC 9V—18V. Protection is key and is controlled by a processor that illuminates a red LED when 85% of the amplifier’s capacity limit is reached. Adjustable Hi Pass and Low Pass crossovers along with a parametric equalizer with a variable 0-12dB bass boost allow for complete control.

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  • Up to 24,192 Watts of RMS power
  • 1 Ohm Stable
  • Low, High, Band Pass Filters
  • Parametric EQ
  • Subsonic Filter Fixed @ 10Hz
  • Bass Boost Remote Input (Optional)
  • Dual Cooling Fans
  • 6 Way Protection with Clip Capacity Limiter LED’s


  • 4 Ohm—7,840 Watts
  • 2 Ohm—13,450 Watts
  • 1 Ohm—19,050 Watts
  • 1 Ohm (@18V) —24,192 Watts


RMS @ 1 Ohm 14.4V 19,050w x 1
PEAK Power Pretty much x 1
RMS @ 2 Ohm 13,450w x 1
Bridged RMS n/a
Min Impedance 1 Ohm
Min Ohm Bridged n/a
THD 0.9% Continuous @ 4Ohm, 100Hz
S/N >90 dB
Max Voltage 18v
Max RCA Voltage 10v (+/- 5%)
Freq. Response 10Hz ~ 12KHz (+/-1dB)
Dimensions 10.86 (in) W x 2.98 (in) H x 24.09 (in) L
Bass Remote Optional


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