Built for High Performance SPL the BOA-N Series Ultra Efficient 12” BOA-N Series Neodymium Subwoofers are dual 1 Ohm at 6,000 Watts RMS / 12,000 Watts MAX. The “BOA121-N” uses 3” Dual Impedance Black Anodized Voice Coil formers with flat wound windings and have 100% pure copper wires connected directly to the voice coils. Both 12″ and 15″ BOA-N Series subwoofers use 52 A 12 Lens Grade Stacked Neodymium magnets in an open motor design. Both models are bolted into heavy duty rugged industrial textured cast aluminum baskets that help achieve 89.8 dB efficiency (BOA121-N) with SPL@2.83v/m.




  • A 12 Lens Grade 52 Neodymium Open Motor Design
  • Heavy Duty Rugged Industrial Textured Cast Aluminum Basket
  • Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Industrial Textured Finish
  • EROM Foam Surround with Red Stitching
  • 3” Dual Impedance Black Anodized Voice Coil Former with Flat Winding Wires
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Woven Dust Cap
  • High Energy Neodymium Magnets
  • Over Sized Mirror Image 6 Layers Poly/Nomex Spiders
  • Black Anodized One Piece Pole-Plate for added Motor Force
  • Triple Black Poly Cotton Spiders with Mirror Image Layout
  • Heavy Duty Pure Copper Direct Input Wires Connected to each Voice Coil
  • Dual 1 Ohm Impedance


Size 12″
Peak Power 12,000 watts
RMS Power 6,000 watts
Cone Non-Pressed Paper
Voice Coil 3″ Dual 1 Ohm Flat Wound
Surround EROM Foam with Red Stitching
Magnet 108oz Neodymium
Terminals Heavy Duty Copper Direct Input Wires Connection
Basket Die Cast
Tinsel Leads Heavy Duty Triple
X-Max (2-Way) 13 mm
SPL 89.8 dB


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