BLUELINE – OEM Summing with Bluetooth

Today’s cars are all wired up into themselves. So much so that you can’t upgrade the head unit because it can open your garage door and shut off your home alarm. So what do you do? Get hooked up with “BLUELINE” an OEM line/drive converters that can take 12 separate OEM channel speaker inputs. BLUELINE uses an auto music sensing turn on with 12V out. The systems can auto sum 2 separate 6 channel network groups for full control of F/R channels! With Blueline you get the added OEM feature of auto on/off “Wireless Streaming” of a phone or portable audio device via Bluetooth! A built in audio decoder and D/A convertors sample the streaming audio @ 44.1 KHz. Adjustable outputs levels (>4.8V RMS and an S/N Ratio >105dB) let the installer fine tune any OEM source/ unit into a Massive Audio Power House without losing your head!!




  • Built-in High Quality Audio Decoder
  • D/A Converter with D/A Sampling 44.1KHz
  • Connect Phone or Portable Device via Bluetooth for Music Playback (Blueline)
  • Automatic Priority Pairing and Intelligent Connection Function (Blueline)
  • Two Summing Network Groups for Full Control of Front and Rear Channels
  • Auto Music Sensing Turn On/Off with Remote Out
  • Adjustable Output Levels
  • Bluetooth Module Auto Turn On/Off Function (Blueline)
  • Synchronous Remote Output for Controlling Aftermarket Equipment


No. of Channels 12
Input Level 50mV ~ 35V
Gain Range 14dB ~ 0dB
Power Supply PWM Switching Power Regulator
Working Voltage Range 8.2 ~ 16V DC
Standby Current <8 MA
Working Current <0.2 A
Recommended Fuse Values 1 A
Sampling Frequency 44.1KHz (Only For Blueline)
Wireless Transmission Range >10 m (Bluetooth Sig)
Bluetooth Operating Frequency 2.4 – 2.48 GHz
Receiver Sensitivity <-80 DBM
Maximum Output Level >4.8V RMS (1KHz 1% THD) Each Channel
S/N Ratio >105dB
THD + N <0.05% (1KHz, Referred to 3V Output)


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