Massive Audio® in EMMA Finland Finals at Kuivaamo Tampere 28.9. – 29.9.

Car audio competitors meet on the last weekend of September in Car Audio Exhibition by EMMA Finland in Tampere. The event hosts the Finnish championships in sound quality, sound pressure, multimedia, ESQL and EMMA Tuning.

The exhibition gathers around 50 competition cars and exhibitors into the event center Kuivaamo in Lielahti district.

The exhibition is free for public and open as follows:
– Saturday 28th of September, at 10.00-17.00
– Sunday 29th of September, at 11.00-16.00

This is an excellent chance to see and hear top level car audio. Sound quality cars are available for the audience to sit into and listen. The competitors also willingly demonstrate their wotk, i.e. their cars. The exhibition is alcohol free and suitable for families.

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